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25th May 2006

gearheadgirl1:06pm: 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX -- $15,500 OBO -- Denver, CO
Selling my 2002 Subaru WRX

More info here

Please fwd to anyone that might be interested.

(sorry for the x-post)

23rd August 2004

gearheadgirl12:58pm: 2002 Ford Focus for sale
My boyfriend's trying to sell his (not so rice-y-though-it-does-have-a-loud-exhaust) car quick! If you know anyone at all that's interested please get in touch.

Yellow 2002 Ford Focus zx5
22,307 miles
Premium sound
$8,200 OBO
Denver, CO

Call 720.933.4396 (ask for Dan) or email me with any questions (tiffanyw at timecentre dot net)

17th August 2004

rollnalexus4:11pm: Hello Everyone,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask questions, or not. I am trying out quite a few communities to see if I can get some responses to my problem. I am bored with my car... and I am currently stuck in a lease. I am looking to purchase or lease a new car, but it will be expensive for me to break the agreement I signed. I am hoping someone could make some suggestions of how I can get a new car without being asked for huge amounts of money on my down payment due to my lease. I was searching online, and have found a couple places that seem like they could help me. This place Lease Trading seems to be alright. I am not exactly sure how this process would work though. I've never used anything like this so if you have could you let me know what you think... that would be great. From everything I have read this place is legit. And they have some great luxury vehicles up... the website say that the can find someone to assume your lease so you dont have to pay... It also says I can cut the cost of breaking my lease in half. Well anyhow... I am rambling. Is a lease assumption even possible?

27th May 2004


"If you need help with your HP, try installing the state of the art 9PC. Muffler Bearings byT.S.R. in your exhaust system. I hear all these cars going down the road making a racket and I think to myself, there has to be something missing to make that rattling sound. Well I found out what it was, it’s missing the muffler bearings."

Bid on me here!!!

14th April 2004

ugly_pete11:37am: hello! i run a website called laugh at rice


we have over 100 pictures in the galleries so far.

join and post on the message board!

17th May 2003

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